NWCDA have over time gathered together some useful handouts on various topics and from various sources.

We have reproduced them here for you to download FREE of charge.

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These handouts are in .pdf format and will require a .pdf reader which can be downloaded for free from  https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/



The North Warwickshire Dyslexia Association aims to offer a high standard of service. Volunteers are continually updating their understanding of the latest developments concerning dyslexia. All information, advice and support is offered to the best of their knowledge and ability. However, please note: The North Warwickshire & Coventry Dyslexia Association is not responsible for any actions you take or decisions you make following consultations. We can only suggest possible future paths that you could take. The final decision must always be yours.

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Access to Work Employers Guide                      

Handy Hints for Primary School Teachers DFEE 

Access to Work Fact Sheet                               

How do I know if I'm dyslexic


How Parents Can Help their Child with Dyslexia

Autism - Useful Contacts

List of Computer Programs

Back To School Campaign - Dyslexia at Home

Listening Books

Back To School Campaign - Self-esteem

Maths Symbols                                                  

Back to School Campaign - Sharing Books August 1999


Brain Gym

Visual Assessment

Calibre audio library

Reading Levels for Access to the Curriculum     

Comparative Analysis                                         

Reading Samples                                                 


Screening & Assessment


Signs & Symptoms

Dyscalculia - BDA Factsheet

Spelling - Secondary level - Teaching